My awesome half term😎🤖👾🤘🏻

During half term i went to a trampoline park which was bounce.i also went to Wood Green to do a trail and I got a certificate for completing the trail.⚜️🔱🀄️🇦🇫🇦🇽🇦🇱🇩🇿🇦🇸🌐💠Ⓜ️🌀🎃😎🌀👾😜🤪😝😝😛😘😗nnnnnn🔱
Lovely blog, Ashton!

At the weekend

At the weekend I played football ⚽️ then when l got home l played on my ps4 then l went for lunch l went to the park and then l went to a party 🎉 it was a bounce party at extreme 360. After extreme 360 l went home to play on my PS4 then l went to Nando’s for dinner then l went home to watch a movie lt was funny 😂 then l went to bed on Sunday l had lunch then went to a pub then I came to play on my PS4 then I had dinner then l went to bed it was very fun


Well done Freddie, a very detailed blog and wow, you did lots at the weekend! Read through, making sure each sentence is punctuated with capital letters and full stops.

My half term

On the half term I went to my dad’s house and he had cats.  One is a mum and the other one is a kitten.The mum is called Miss Pots and the kitten is called Chip.Chip is so active and Miss Pots just lays around all day with my dad and when my dad gets up she will follow him everywhere.


A good blog, Emilia

2 things I did over the half term

One of things I did over the half term was that I was practicing my line for the year 4 production.  This play is based on the three little pigs 🐷🐷. My character is farm animal 4 and my line is (the wolf appeared and licked his lips, and said … so that is my line for the play. This is the last thing I will tell you about what I did over the half term I tried to do more of my presentation.So that is 2 of the things I did over the half term.Thank you for reading.🙂


A good blog and I’m glad you have spent time learning your line for the play.


aspirations for spring 2

My aspirations for spring 2 is to learn about BIDMAS because BIDMAS is helpful for math sums. My second aspiration is to learn more about myths except from other countries because now we are learning about Greek myths- for example Medusa, Hydra, Gorgons, Minotaur, and  Centaurs and only one Chinese myth called the Bgger and the Nian.  Finally my third and final aspiration is to learn about planets and galaxies because first of all we have never learned about space and I have some curious questions about space for example what is the universe made out of because it is far to big for humans so what else lives out in space?


Lots of interesting aspirations- I think you will learn about Space in Year 5.  Well done on an excellent blog though!

My Wednesday

Yesterday on a Wednesday evening it was my aunties birthday 🎂 so I went to the Hartford Marina out for dinner. When we arrived I saw both of my nanny’s and my 2 grandads. I said “hello”to them. And then my auntie came she came a little late because she was walking there .Then I saw my auntie come in I saw my little baby cousin called Leo.  He is only 1 and he is so cute…When he arrived I had a big hug with him .Then we started looking at the menu what I should have I saw one thing that I loved and guess what it was… IT WAS A CARVERY SUNDAY DINNER.even though it wasn’t Sunday. I gave my baby cousin some  of mine because I had lots.  I have two potatoes and two Yorkshires. So I gave him some of them.  After dinner I followed my baby cousin around the restaurant for a little walk so then he went to get a kids menu and then he started giving it to my brother.IT WAS SO FUNNY! Then he made a new friend and started playing with him. Then my baby cousin started going to sleep.and then we went home unfortunately.


It sounds like you had a fantastic night out. I love a carvery too! Yum!

My spring 2 aspirations

My first aspiration is to 
improve my presentation in
 writing ✍️. My second aspiration
is to learn about space because we
 don’t learn about space.
My main question is how and who created the world?(I NEED 

A very interesting blog!  I think you study Space and the Universe in Year 5. Your question at the end is an intersting one.  Come and talk to me (Mrs. Rawlins) and I can give you some ideas to research.

My Wednesday yesterday🍬🍫🍭

Yesterday my Granma gave me and my sister loads fo sweets from  India. We ate only one sweet.   We  wanteed more sweets.Then my Granma said to us I will make star keychain for us because she is good at making things.


A very nice piece of blogging , Jessica. Always use a dictionary to help you spell unknown words.

👑School play👑

Our school play is about the three little pigs  and I already know my line!I am a city type 6 and my line is “wolf huffed and puffed and blew and blew the house stayed up as good as new” I am really excited but a bit nervous to perform in front of adults and kids!I am also really happy 😃 because I never knew my script off by heart ❣ ❣ and it took me a few minutes to learn it.On Wednesday before we went to P.E we listened to a few songs. They were good songs that were fun to listen to but I don’t like singing that much!We also have little red riding hood in our three little pigs story so that confused me a lot because I didn’t know if it was little red riding hood or three    little pigs 🐷!I love the animal pigs because they are cute.I hope we act professional and make the teacher proud!


I very detailed blog, Jasmine!

My weekend ❣️❣️❣️

On my weekend I went to have a sleepover with my cousin and had McDonald’s then we played upstairs and played fun games!We went to bed and watched the greatest showman and fell asleep 💤.The next day I went home and I watched more movies with my mum for a long time in her bed 🛌!Then my sister came and met Mali since she was the new puppy !Then she gave me a cookies and cream lip balm because she had a collection of lip balms. The next day I went to one leisure with my sister and dad! I had to go in the small bit and I was furious!And then on a summer day we went to watch a movie called the kid who would be king and it was all about King Arthur!I loved the movie so much 🍿 🎥!The next day I went shopping with my mum and played with my sister but she had to go back home in London and I was really sad ☹️ and then it was school 🏫 and I made my mum coffee ☕️! And it was the end of my week end.


Wow, what an exciting half term you had. I’m sorry you felt furious when you went swimming- was this because you had a younger person with you? Tell me more.