H.P.S has helped me make new amazing friends and meeting new teachers. I will miss all of my friends and all of the teachers! I have only been here since year 3 but I have made some awsome friends and best friends.

Leavers Speech!

When I leave Huntingdon Primary School I will remember all the teachers especially Mrs Ross,Mrs Kelly,Mrs Lenord,Mrs Murray,Mrs Jenkins,Mrs Arnot and Mrs Macdonald. I will miss Krishna who has always been my friend since we first met,I will never forget the fun times I have had with Krishna. I will always remember the trips we had to London and Thetford Forest. I will always remember the staff in Year 6 and other Year groups. I will always remember having friends such as Ashton N,Alex,Kaeden  and Krishna.

Leavers Assembly – HPS Letter

Huntingdon Primary School has been my school for seven years; it has been a place that has helped me grow and helped me start my life strong. Huntingdon Primary School has helped me spring to life, promptly but carefully. My time here has been made special, mostly by the teachers and Ta’s, who are extremely kind to me and who I know I can go to if I am upset.

I will miss all the great teachers and Ta’s that have taught me lots. I will also miss all the great memories I have created and all the fabulous friends I have made along the journey I have been on. One of the things I will really miss is the school trips I have been on. Some people prefer not to go on trips, I certainly do because I feel that it gives you a special time to bond with people.

My favorite memory of this school is when it had it’s 50th birthday and we all got to dress up in the time it came around. It was a time that the whole school came together and celebrated our school and it’s history. HPS is a great school and I give luck to all of the other children who are going to grow up here.

Leavers assembly speech!

I am writing to you because I just want to tell you how fabulous this school is,memorable,magical and joy able I am so angry that this is the end of this school.This school is a very special place.

In year 4 we went to Burwell and we dropped eggs of a very high place with a small parachute and if the parachute didn’t work it would go “crack” that was the best memorable moment and I remember when we were being sleeping lions and Miss Leonard put water on my neck so please,please don’t take this away from me and my friends.I will all ways remember this wonderful moment and the teachers like miss Leonard,Miss Murray and miss Ross same as miss Rigby all ways helped me when I get stuck in Maths English.

This time here was the best so I will all ways miss all the teachers that helped and my funnyest moment was when miss Kelly was pushing me every we’re in my wheelchair.My friends which are going to St. Peter’s like Thomas B,Alex O,AlfieF,Ty W,OliverR and Freddie W some of my friends are going to hinchinbroke like Krishna Tyler And Hayden.

Leavers Letters

                             LEAVERS ASSEMBLY

  Since Resection I have been at this school and nobody  could take away the memories that I have had with my friends teachers and TA’s. At H.P.S I  have lots of good memories like when we went to  Burwell  house it was so fun because we played many activities where everyone joined in some  of the games we played were Burwell fox, walking around at the town and we even had a party. I especially enjoyed the memories where me and my friends couldn’t stop laughing like when Kiara ran and slid off of her stool… it was hilarious and even she laughed. This school has been such a special plaice  to everyone and I think they would agree.

Leavers speech

I will really miss H.P.S  because of all the fun and games. I have friends here who are going to Hinchingbrooke; Krishna, Hayden and Tyler. Luckily, most of my friends are going to St. Peter’s like Thomas, Ashton, Ty, Oliver, Alfie F, Kaeden, Luca and Freddie! I have also had some pretty amazing teachers and TA’s. Mr Quinlan, Miss Naylor, Mr Geary, Mrs Leonard, Mrs Ross, and Mrs Murray are all included! I have really enjoyed having the sports coaches with us, especially Mr Minall, Mr Hurst, Mr Walker, Mr Post and definitely Mr Birkenshaw! My time here has been made special by everyone who works here and learns at this incredible, amazing and outstanding school. I will never forget this place and the memories will never be left behind and will be in my mind forever. I have really enjoyed performing in ‘An Inspector Calls’! It is a hilarious comedy and the songs are happy and sad, they all differ from each other. It really is a great school!

Leavers letters

Leavers Assembly

H.P.S is a place that has helped me develop into a much more mature person. I have enjoyed my time being here, I especially enjoyed all the school trips we have been on such as: Burwell house, Cambridge, London and a trip we are very excited about is our residential. We have loved all of our  trips and have loved every second of them, I will miss all the good places and AMAZING trips we have been on.

People I will miss

I will miss all the teachers such as: Mr Quinlan, Mr Geary, Mrs Arnott, Miss Naylor, Miss Sharmen,, Miss Young and much more. I love all the T.A’s such as: Mrs Murray, Mrs Ross, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Lenord and many more. I will miss all my Best friends like: Lolly, Evie, Erin, Kayleigh, Georgina and many more.

Leavers assembly

I will miss all the great friends I’ve had, mostly my friend group. We are all going to different places, it’s a really upsetting time for me. My true friend left the country two months ago, it’s been really hard for me, I find it harder to make friends. It’s hard to put myself out there to make friends but I still have two best friends I can rely on! They are Kiaria and Angle, but I will never forget my true friend she will never be replaced she will always be in my heart.  I will also miss all the great teachers I’ve had through the this amazing journey. Not just the amazing teachers but the amazing TAs, who would stand out side with us on cold winter mornings and play with us on the relied on hot summer days. HPS is truly a special place.



Alex and Thomas reporting for World Wide News.

Yesterday, on a snowy  hilltop, a puzzled man found a rope dangling down dangerously from the sky. Dwayne Lucas, 22, was walking up the massive mountain when he noticed the crimson rope.  When Dwayne curiously tugged the rope it turned day into night! He pulled the rope several times but it got stuck in night, he then  tugged it really hard and it came down on top of him! It appeared to have been plugged in to some sort  of power source as there were ripped wires attached to the end of it.  Dwayne was investigated by P.C Rodney Trotter, 39, and  was charged £150 for damaging property. The owner of the red rope was Larry Cotter,47, and poor old Larry was charged £500 and 115 days in captivity for owning an unauthorised object.  Builders are working on fixing the rope back in place so that it is out of the way. From now on, for safety reasons, you have to be given permission by the Police to tug the rope and anyone caught pulling it without permission will be prosecuted by guess who… P.C Rodney Trotter!

Thanks for reading, WWN! 



If I was Prime Minster what I would do and how ?

If I was Prime Minster I would take 4000 off of the footballers sallery (the ones that earn a lot ) and give 2000 to defence and oresses aid. Then dived it equearly by 15 and leave 500 pounds for them a week.

The average sallery for a premer leage player would be 45000 a week. So if you gave 4000 there would be 41000. Then if you took 700 off for them it would leave 40300 left for the other 15.Each one would get 2686.66000.