Leavers speech

I will really miss H.P.S  because of all the fun and games. I have friends here who are going to Hinchingbrooke; Krishna, Hayden and Tyler. Luckily, most of my friends are going to St. Peter’s like Thomas, Ashton, Ty, Oliver, Alfie F, Kaeden, Luca and Freddie! I have also had some pretty amazing teachers and TA’s. Mr Quinlan, Miss Naylor, Mr Geary, Mrs Leonard, Mrs Ross, and Mrs Murray are all included! I have really enjoyed having the sports coaches with us, especially Mr Minall, Mr Hurst, Mr Walker, Mr Post and definitely Mr Birkenshaw! My time here has been made special by everyone who works here and learns at this incredible, amazing and outstanding school. I will never forget this place and the memories will never be left behind and will be in my mind forever. I have really enjoyed performing in ‘An Inspector Calls’! It is a hilarious comedy and the songs are happy and sad, they all differ from each other. It really is a great school!

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