Leavers letters

Leavers Assembly

H.P.S is a place that has helped me develop into a much more mature person. I have enjoyed my time being here, I especially enjoyed all the school trips we have been on such as: Burwell house, Cambridge, London and a trip we are very excited about is our residential. We have loved all of our  trips and have loved every second of them, I will miss all the good places and AMAZING trips we have been on.

People I will miss

I will miss all the teachers such as: Mr Quinlan, Mr Geary, Mrs Arnott, Miss Naylor, Miss Sharmen,, Miss Young and much more. I love all the T.A’s such as: Mrs Murray, Mrs Ross, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Lenord and many more. I will miss all my Best friends like: Lolly, Evie, Erin, Kayleigh, Georgina and many more.

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