In 1735, Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus first published a system  that can classify every living thing, which is still used today. This system is called: The Linnaeus system. All of these animals are split into different groups: Insects, which are only classified as an insect if they have six legs; Arachnids (spiders),fish, mammals, amphibians, crustacean, plant, mollusc, reptiles and birds.


Living things are classified with what they have and what they don’t have. For example, mammals live on land and water, but they do not lay eggs; mammals give birth to live young. So, only a certain amount animals are mammals. Also, many of the mammals are vertebrates. This means they have a back bone. Another way we can classify animals is how they breathe. Fish use gills to breathe( gills make water into oxygen) whereas whales use their lungs to breathe. Another way we can classify an animal is can it fly or can it not fly. I have chosen this one because surprisingly they’re many birds that cannot fly. Like a penguin and an ostrich or an emu.
There are 10 million of different species to put into groups. The list is endless!


Classification table

A classification table helps us put all of the animals into groups like amphibious, reptiles, and mammals. It helps us by asking us questions about the animal and choose the path “yes or no” than at the end you can see wether your animal is a mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian or a fish. Let’s try it. I’m choosing a horse. It is was warm blooded but it does not have any feathers on its body; so a horse is a mammal.

How it helps us

I think that classifying animals is a great idea because it helps us  learn more about their species and the undiscovered parts of our world. As well as that, we can learn about the animals habitat and how we can learn more from the animals by using the technology that we have to find out knew things about of earth. We also benefit from it because we can understand more about the animals so that we don’t accidentally destroy their habitat than leading to many animals extinction.


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