Dear Simon,

My Advice

Dear Simon,

My advice would be that you should decline any cigarettes since they are bad for your body and can have a huge impact on your life when you are older.  They damage your lungs and and may give you heart problems too. Nobody should not be smoking at any age because it could cause them to pass away very young

Christian Advice: 
All Christian’s advise not to smoke because they can harm your body and they want people to live a safe life. Christians would say smoking is wrong because in the New Testament it says that your bodies should be a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. However, smoking is not forbidden for Christians.

Muslim Advice:

The Quran doesn’t say anything directly about smoking, it says that intoxicants such as drugs and alcohol come from Satan. It also says that Muslims should not take anything that can kill them or harm them.

A good understanding of different faiths and their beliefs.

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