Classified groups of animals

What is classification?

The method of arranging the organisms into groups is called classification.

When we classify things, we put them into groups based on their characteristics.

What is classifying in biology?

The establishment of a hierarchical system of categories on the basis of presumed natural relationships among organisms.

The science of biological classification is commonly called taxonomy.

The definition of classification

The definition of classifying is categorising something or someone into a certain group or system based on certain characteristics.

An example of classifying is assigning plants or animals into a kingdom and species.

How are Living things classified? (groups)

The 12 groups are Mammals, insects, Fish, birds, crustacean, amphibian, reptiles, mollusc, arachnid, Annelid, echinoderm and myriapod

Warm, cold-blooded or nether blooded Creatures

Warm-blooded: Mammals and birds.

cold-blooded: Fish, amphibian and replies.

Nether: Insects, crustacean, arachnid, annelid, echinoderm and Maria pod.

The definition

The definition of how a living things classified, is, living things are classified into groups that start out large and become more specific in a system of classification called taxonomy.


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