In 1735, a man named Carl Linnaeus (Born in Sweden)invented classification. Classification is a system to group things into smaller groups.If a group is made smaller it would be easier to manage since you can do a group at a time instead of doing it all at once.Groups help us manage stuff because if it’s smaller our brains think it will be easier to read.The system we use for classification is called the Linnaeus System.This system is mainly used to classify animals into groups since there are 10 million animals it would be hard to sort them without grouping them into smaller groups.Classification can go as small as they want you could just do 2 but inside those 2 groups you could do another 2 groups inside that group.


Living things are split into 12 groups each and inside each one of those groups are sub groups that split the groups down to even smaller groups.The groups are Mammals, Fish, Insects,Birds,Reptile, Amphibians, Arachnids, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Echinoderms, and Annelids. Inside some of those groups are cold blooded and warm blooded then inside of those groups there could be even more groups.Some living things can be grouped into anything such as what they eat, if they are warm blooded or cold blooded or if they have wings or don’t.Anything can be grouped not just living things.Objects can be grouped so can everything.



A classification table starts with your beginning group then you keep doing side groups till you get to an end.With this table you can do it with every animal and when you start it you go down till it tells you what group it is in.A table like this can be used for anything not just animals.You can put anything into a each square you could make it more complex or less complex.


It helps us today by if we discover a new animal we can put it under a new one and we can learn more about it by looking at the animals we have today. The new creature they find could go under mammals or reptiles by the way it looks and what it does so then we don’t need to focus on the basics so then we can just skip to new things.
Like can it fly without wings or does it breath fire. These charts also help scientists figure out if this creature is dangerous or if it is safe to touch.


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