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classification is one of the most important subjects in science and it is usually related with animals or living things. It comes in many forms and you can split it into groups to make it easier for you to sort them. For example, if you wanted to sort different types of species you could look at a sorting diagram made by scientists { taxonomists }. Diagrams are very useful when it comes to sorting because when it is transformed into smaller groups it is easier to sort them by their characteristics and their personal habitat. The reason scientists have to classify animals is because there is believed to be 10 million species and the creator of classification is called Carl Linnaeus, who first published in 1735, he was a Swedish scientist and is known for his creation of the classification grid.

how do you classify?

Living things are classified by taxonomists, who spend their time sorting millions of animals that we have discovered, they also classify these species by sorting them into groups. For example herbivore’s , carnivore’s and then omnivore’s but then you can make it way easier by sorting them into land and water so you have very small groups and you can see which ones are similar and which ones are not. You can also use diagrams where you can answer yes or no questions until you get a group of species like reptile or mammals etcetera. These are some of the best ways but there are many more ways to classify species.

Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus is one of the most important scientists creating easier ways for scientists to do their job. They also made a system sorted into Domain, Kingdom, Pylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and also Species after time these groups get smaller and that is another way to classify species. Carl Linnaeus is one of the best scientists in the 16th century so that means he was one of the best of his time. He was also loved by many people.

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