what is classification

Classifications is when you group things. For example if you have fruits you can group them based on their property and characteristics . For example, you can put apples into one group and bananas into the other and so on. The purpose of classification is to break down big  subjects into smaller and more manageable parts. We classify things in our daily lives all the time, often without even thinking about it. Libraries , for example is classified into alphabetical orders and groceries are also classified into vegetables and fruits. Sometimes you can classify objects into more then one group. For example, the apple and the banana you can classify the apple into smaller groups like Fuji apples and pink lady. You can keep classifying these into more little groups.


Classifications in animals

Classifications in animals is like the same with objects. You can sort them into different groups with their colours, behaviours , diets and characteristics. Animals are classified into these different groups:

.echinoderm                                                                                             .insects                                                                                                   .molluscs                                                                                               .crustaceans                                                                                                .annelid                                                                                               .myriapod


Mammals are animals that have a back bone. They are warm-blooded which means that these  animals have a much stronger immune system to defend against such microorganisms. It also means that they can make their own body temperature when it cold and frosty outside. Mammals feed their own milk to their young. Mammals should have a type of hair or fur. This could even mean an eyelash.






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