Animal Classification

What is classification?

Classification is ordering and sorting living things such as humans and animals most commonly animals. The scientific word being Linnaeus system. There are over 10 million species so classification really helps. The first person to focus on classification goes by the name of Carl Linnaeus he first published a system for classifying living things in 1735 . The scientist who sort living things are none as taxonomists you classify in many different ways and use many different things such as food animals and many more.

How are living things classified?

Living things can be can be sorted in many different categories mammals and reptiles being the most known mammals are warm the mammal family also consists of humans and a female who feed there young with milk reptiles are known to be the most vicious animals and many humans also think that they are poisonous.

Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus died in 1778 to the age of 71 back then people thought that this was a good age because living states were not very good he came up with the idea of classifying he sorted animals humans and many more in categories or topics.


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