Dear Oscar

My advice:

My advice is that you should not knock on other peoples doors because you could get into trouble and get other people in to trouble too. This is wrong because older people have a fainter heart and they might get really scared, that would make them very insecure. This might lead to them moving away from their home or they might start seeing things which is bad.

Christian’s advice: 

Most Christian’s advice is that you must respect your elders and that you should always be kind and this is not what a Christian would accept is right. Christian’s always should follow their 10 commandments and honouring your parents is one of them.

Hindu advice:

All Hindu believe that you must honour the old. They believe they are wise and very clever as the faced many problems in their lives. This would be very disrespectful if you knock on their  doors and run away.


by Jane and Hannah

Great advice showing an understanding of a range of religions and beliefs.



Written By 16hannah

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