The mysterious plane


Yashna Ahmed

7 November 2023


In a strange airport, there was a girl named Kristina and Jake they loved to explore mysterious problems. As they were sitting and waiting in the airport they heard an announcement and some other kind of plane came and no one knew where it came from. “OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A HORRIBLE NOISE!” Kristina and Jake screamed.

So many people were shocked and had never heard of it, it was called 51APB it had came after 15 years but everyone still didn’t know. Kristina and Jake were also shocked and wanted to know who or what was in there, on the land they looked like humans so Kristina and Jake took a plane and flew through the sky and followed it.

They had landed on Jupiter and saw they can transform in aliens and humans. They saw human things like lamps and trees and so on. Meanwhile, they were thinking (Kristina and Jake) that probably they wanted to make it look better. “This is an unusual place?” Kristina questioned, “ITS VERY WEIRD I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT!” Jake exclaimed.

No one in the airport saw a pilot or anything but the passengers were still there. “IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE EVERYONE WAS SHOCKED AND SO WAS I!” Kristina shouted. As they had explored, the ground looked like chocolate milk but it was actually rocks and around them was lots of stars that were shimmering in space.

There was so many aliens that were blue, green, purple, red and yellow they looked a bit muddled Kristina and Jake were a bit disgusted and confused. Who knows what will happen next maybe a person flying like a bird probably? THE END…

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