Stem Week

My favourite part of stem Week was making my irrigation system for our plants. My second favourite is the science learning.

Stem week was amazing

During the week we got to make Cotton candy with Mrs Sewell.


In stem week we created an irrigation system and put it in our allotment and put water in it. We had fun and we learnt that you can make your own irrigation system at home.

We went around year 4 and measured the different sounds.

Stem week

When it was STEM week we did a sound experiment which I really liked. We created cotton candy which was very scrumptious and we got to eat it which was very very scrumptious. It was very very generous of the teachers who helped create STEM week and it was very nice of the teachers to create STEM week. We also did an irrigation system in our allotment.



Year 4

I love it in year 4. It’s fun and we learn a lot more and we do crazy experiments.  We have learned about phones from the past and we got  to design an invention of our own.

What I like in year 4

In year 4 I have liked working with other adults that I have not been working with.I like the work and then the extra challenge. My favourite lesson so far has been English because we been doing fun big writes and learning about Wallace and Gromit. I have liked maths but some of the work is really hard but some times it has been too easy.I like the new TAS and I like the learning space and the sofa.

What I like about year 4

Hi my name is Alicia and I will tell you what I like about year 4.  I like year 4 because  I have a teacher that I know from year 2. I love year 4 because there’s more books and more working and I love working and reading.

my favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson this week was gym because I kind of learned to do a cartwheel and it was very very fun for me because I am not a very good gymnast.  We also did very fun things so I really liked it. That’s why gym is my favourite lesson this week.





Stem Week

I liked it when we went out side and planted the irrigation system.

My favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson this week was maths because we had to draw

the calculation,  then write the number sentence and finally to do the calculation.



In gym we were going there for the first time in year 4. There was a new teacher.

We had mats in line on the floor and the first thing we needed to do was….do a cartwheel. I asked the teacher can I do a cartwheel with one hand but he said no.

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