My extreme environment is Rainforest and here’s some facts about the rainforests you can find them in South America in the Southern Hemisphere, India that is half in Southern Hemisphere and northern hemisphere ,Canada in the northern hemisphere ,Brazil  in the Southern Hemisphere and Canada in the northern hemisphere .Most of the rainforest are in the Southern Hemisphere because rainforests are very hot but very rainy. In the rainforest you can find fruits and plants like full bloom hydrangea,sunflowers,lemons,oranges,bananas,rice,grapefruit,ginger,sugar cane,coconut,spices,potatoes,berries and even chocolate! There are not just plants but also lots of animals like caybaras,boa constrictors they’re large forest snakes,insects,arachnids,worms,reptiles,amphibians,birds and mammals.The annual rainfall of tropical rainforests is between 250 and 450 centimetres,This is all i know/on my work/reaserched Thank you for reading.