My Extreme Environment

My extreme environment is Rainforest and here’s some facts about the rainforests you can find them in South America in the Southern Hemisphere, India that is half in Southern Hemisphere and northern hemisphere ,Canada in the northern hemisphere ,Brazil  in the Southern Hemisphere and Canada in the northern hemisphere .Most of the rainforest are in the Southern Hemisphere because rainforests are very hot but very rainy. In the rainforest you can find fruits and plants like full bloom hydrangea,sunflowers,lemons,oranges,bananas,rice,grapefruit,ginger,sugar cane,coconut,spices,potatoes,berries and even chocolate! There are not just plants but also lots of animals like caybaras,boa constrictors they’re large forest snakes,insects,arachnids,worms,reptiles,amphibians,birds and mammals.The annual rainfall of tropical rainforests is between 250 and 450 centimetres,This is all i know/on my work/reaserched Thank you for reading.


Batmeers christmas

 Meetbat lookes so thirsty and ready for the picture.

I think that Meerbat didn’t get inuff chocolate ? this Christmas ?.

 Meerbat must of met new favourite friends??


Meerbat looks like he  is very cheeky because he is taking the sweets. He looks like  he is really hungry and needs a treat

Meerbat looks like he wants to have a present to open and is happy . He also looks like he is a present for Christmas.

Meerbat looks like he is going to bed because he is in bed. He also has some friends and he might of Ben a super hero and saved them.

Rain Forestts

A Rainforest is a big space of land with lots ove animals in a rainforest and lots of plants as Well.alaconda snakes,parots,spider monkeys and lizards,poison dart frogs there are also loads more.the rainforest was discovered in 1490the rainforest has Meney cinds of food coconuts,bananas and meny more.

What are robots???????

Robots are hand built Machines that can talk walk and can help because robots have a brain made of the internet.Robots can do many things humans can’t like 2 seconds and humans take like 1 minute.Also robot can play any instrument very well Evan if it’s there first ever go what’s very cool.Robots can Evan deliver food to the citizens.So robots are very cool and can do a lot of things. 


meerbat is eating heroes and he got is head in the box.

Meerbat is being Spider-Man and also being funny.

Meerbat is very lucky because he got lot of presents.

Meerbat is being a oonimet in the Christmas tree.

Meerbat wants to be Santa because he wants to go up the cinmie

Meerbat made some new friends but he’s the only superhero.

Meerbat is near a fair.

The portal

One week there was a very angry man who had to make his portals that lead him to a dimensions some lead him to candy land some lead him to banks but he never got it right he had a good plan to make a teleporter he needs some help but nobody helped him so he had to go underground to find the power crystal to make the teleporter so he did it was tricky but he did it and then the portals started to fuse he got sucked in a portal.

How to use a nonfiction book

Friday 2nd of February 2018

Made the big write on 18/01/18

First of all a nonfiction book isn’t a story it’s a book that has facts in it that are true.

If you want to go to find a page in the book but not go through a whole book,then you can go to the back of the book and look at the index so it can show you what page it is on for example Orion on page 7.

If you want to learn quick facts very fast but not read a whole book or page,then you can look at the glossary,It’s normally 1 or 2 pages before the Index.

Some of the books show at the end some books that can help you aswell.

At the front of the book it has something called “Contents”.Its basically just shows “One” very usefull page for what you want to find facts about.Although at the “very first page” you can find the facts about the book like when it was published but only some books have it.

Sometimes the pictures help because it shows the detail so it’s easier to understand hard words.

Meerbat’s Adventures

Chiquito trip ??

On Thursday 14th December  2017, we went to a famous restaurant called Chiquitos. 

When we finally arrived at the restaurant we started to get more full of excitement. A lady in the restaurant  called Georgina, asked us to get a nacho so we first  tasted that plain and then next we got another nacho to dip in three different dips. They were all delightful. We made buritos too where we chose our own fillings. The food was great and o would definitely go there again.

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