Last week in stem week I made a irrigation system and I dug a hole and we put the bottle in and then it will water your flowers.On Tuesday we did English and we had a text and we had to change all of the first person words. On Wednesday and Thursday we did a maths test and a reading test on the reading test we had a booklet and we had to fill in the answer.Then we had to do our maths test we had to  fill in the answers. On Thursday we finished our  reading tests.In year 4 we had a science experiment about sound.We researched about Nikola Tesla.When we researched about Nikolai Tesla we had to do our posters we worked as a team on the next day we finished our posters.Then it was assembly time a we had to read are things that we written on are posters.After that it was break time.STEM means technology, science , Engineering and maths.

A great recount written in the past tense. 

Check the words I’ve highlighted green. Have you got the right spelling or does it make sense? Read your sentences as you’ve missed a few words. 

About my holiday in Poland

My name is Maja and this is about my holiday in Poland .

On Friday me and my family head of into the car to go to to the port so we can go to Cale in France and then to Poland. The hole jury took 34hr from Huntington to morong we went through England,France Belgiun ,Germany and finally in Poland. it was boring but every 3hr we took a stop for the dog to go to the toilet and to have a walk but every 8hr we had a sleep.

The dog did really well on the on the fairy to Calle. She all ways had her food in the back of the car and tons of toys. When we had a stop we played a game where I got her toy and she kept dropping it.

Finaly we got to Poland and went to sleep. We had a huge dinner at 1 in the morning  the next day

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