Month: November 2017

Maths this week

In maths this week we had to do factor pairs and also times table but first let me tell you about factor pairs…We had to make all sorts of numbers by using times or addition so here is an example 3×10=30.  We are practising our timestables for the Maths Bee which is coming up soon! I can’t wait!


My gym lesson this week

In gym this week, we played the red light,orange light and green light game.  It is a game where you have to stop on the red light, jog on the orange light and run on the green light.

Then, after that, we had to walk on tiptoes then I did handstands with all my friends. I also did forward rolls and last of all we had to run and jump as high as we could and land in a neat landing position.

How to get your independent license

1. First rule of getting an independent license is to know how to work in a team and don’t boss people around as in team there’s no I in team.

2.The next step to become an  independent learner is to always  have what you’ve been given for your tool kit.

3. Finally make sure you are a good role model, complete your work and learn from your mistakes!

How to get a learning license!!!

First you need to show the teacher that you can do more than expected. Next, you need to do your work in the time you have been given.Then you need to work somewhere you won’t talk too much. You will need to improve your behaviour and work or you won’t get chosen for a license. When you come in you will need to be focused because if you talk you won’t get chosen to get a learning license. You have got to be quiet and sensible.

That’s how to get a learning license.

How to get an independent learning license!

I am so close to getting my independent learning license but here is what you have to do at Huntingdon Primary School.. : show you are ready to learn, work collaboratively, if it’s not excellent it’s not finished, focus on learning, the power of doing more than expected, challenge yourself, make mistakes but learn from them, take pride in your work, follow instructions and try your best!


I was soooo excited for this weeks gym session!

I think my favourite part was doing the cartwheels!

When I did my cartwheel I felt really flexible! 

My friends said I was really good! That made me very very proud!

Then sadly, we had to leave! That was my lovely time that I had this week!


How to get a learning license

If you want to get a chance to have a learning license you need to concentrate, listen and be polite.

You have to always be a good role model. You need to always be kind. You can’t take your badge off because people won’t know you are a independent learner. Be proud and help others!

How to get a leaning license

To get a leaning licence you need to concentrate and do loads of hard challenges! You have to be polite to everybody but that is not everything!  You also have to respect one another and listen to all teachers.

How to get a learning license

To get a learning license you need to show all the values like:respect, resilience, courage, pride and team work.

I have got a learning licence! I earnt it by… we had a frame and last year we put a picture in it. On it you needed to listen to the adults,challenge yourself,try to do your best work you can do and be an excellent role model to the school.

My favourite lesson

Hi, today I’m going to write about my favourite lessons. My favourite lesson this week has been English. I have started to like reading our new book called the Firework maker’s daughter. I have thought about what might happen in the story and want to read the next part.