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How to get an independent learning license!

I am so close to getting my independent learning license but here is what you have to do at Huntingdon Primary School.. : show you are ready to learn, work collaboratively, if it’s not excellent it’s not finished, focus on learning, the power of doing more than expected, challenge yourself, make mistakes but learn from them, take pride in your work, follow instructions and try your best!

How to get a learning license

If you want to get a chance to have a learning license you need to concentrate, listen and be polite.

You have to always be a good role model. You need to always be kind. You can’t take your badge off because people won’t know you are a independent learner. Be proud and help others!

How to get a leaning license

To get a leaning licence you need to concentrate and do loads of hard challenges! You have to be polite to everybody but that is not everything!  You also have to respect one another and listen to all teachers.