How to get an independent learning licence!

Hi . Today I will be able to talk and give you ideas how to get a independent learning license.

  • 1.) Listen to the teacher when she or he is teaching  in a lesson.                                
  •     2.) Ignore  children who are disturbing you when you are learning  so you get your work done and don’t do it at lunch, play time, and golden time .
  •    3.) Be polite  to everybody like the teachers ,  children  and the middays which make our lunch  every day.
  •    4.) Never forget to not lose even one thing in your toolkit because the teachers might think that you are not responsible for an independent licence.                                                                                                                                    
  •                I hope you use these ideas
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How to get a learning license

Hi my name is Alicia and I will tell you how to get a learning license. 

First you need to think what you need to improve in your work or behaviour.For an
example to stop talking to your friends so you have to try and sit with someone else for a
week or more.  Another example is you need is to do more than expected so if you need to do 
more than expected then you should go on Edmodo and see each lesson and learn at home.  This 
means then at school you can do better than everybody else and then you will go on the 
challenges quicker.  If there is a big write then try your best at writing and write in your 
neatest handwriting.  The next example behaviour is that you need to listen to the
teachers and not bully. 
I hope you get your learning license. Good luck.