Dear Simon

My response:

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. My advice is to not take the cigarette, since it’s very unhealthy in many different ways. Including; cancer, cavities, and it can damage your lungs. You can do it and it may be lethal. But it’s not my choice it is yours.

Christian Advice:

Most Christians’ advice would be that it’s your choice but the valid suggestion is to keep your body fit and healthy. So, smoking at a young age will impact on your older life. But, taking in cigarettes is not really counted as a sin, however it is not recommended. In the bible, it says to keep your body healthy. So, make sure to pay attention. If you end up doing it, make sure to ask for forgiveness. (That is suggested.)

Judaism Advice:

The Judes’ would say it would be your choice; however not suggested. It is said in the Torah to keep your body healthy. So, smoking isn’t forbidden in Judaism. But it is not suggested. Because if you are a Jew, you need to make sure your body is in good shape. Smoking can destroy your lungs and possibly kill you.

Great advice showing an understanding of a of religious beliefs. 

Written By 16ava

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