What is the blogging club ?

Last week Me, Szymon and Klaudia launched the blogging club by putting up the posters . Here is one of the posters : This poster is in class 11 . As you can see this club is only… Read More

What I am doing today : 2nd February 2018

Today after school I am going to Klaudia’s . Klaudia is my best friend since Year 2 . I am going to stay at Klaudia’s till 8pm because my mum has to go to work . After that… Read More

Book review about “have you filled a bucket today ?”

Have you filled a bucket today? is a book about not bullying.  It basically tells people to be kind to others so they made up invisible buckets which  everyone has . You are sad and lonely when your… Read More

A review of Boss Baby By Sarah

Last week we went to watch Boss Baby on the 21st November. My favourite parts were when the family puts talc powder on the baby’s bottom. I also liked the part when they reveal the cute puppy .I… Read More

Root words by Sarah

Root Words Help – Helped , Helping … Care – Careless , cared , caring … feel – feels, feeling… sit – sitting , resist… flip – flipping , flipped .. There  are lots more root words that… Read More

French Colours … By Sarah

The French colours are… rouge – red blue – bleu vert – green gris – grey black – noir white – blanc pink – rose purple – violet Jaune – yellow orange – orange marron – brown