Socks the kitten

Socks is my kitten, he is white and brown. His ears are brown and his fur is white. His tail is brown. He is a very crazy kitten! Socks is 11 weeks old and he is so cute…. Read More

Why I really enjoy Art!

The reason I love Art is because you can do whatever you what and just be creative! You can really let your emotions out on the page and just express your feelings. You can just explore the world… Read More

Meerbats adventures (Christmas holidays)

In the Christmas holidays Meerbat spent the time with Miss Sewell our teacher!Here is a a picture showing what they did.

Year 4 Trip to Burwell

When we went to Burwell last week, we got to have a snack because we were on the bus for a long time. We had lunch when we got there. We had sausages and mash, it was such… Read More


When we went to Burwell on a trip with some of year 4 we did lots of great activities. We did a trail called The Fox ? and what we had to do was answer questions. There were… Read More

Burwell trip

Last week about 50 children from year four went to Burwell house. It was about 10 miles away from Cambridge. For some people it was a bit scary as we were sleeping there from Wednesday to Friday. My… Read More


Gym was so fun this week. I did  a back  flip ( with  help). It was so fun! We also did  lots of different jumps which were fun too! I think gym is amazing  and  I love it!


Year 4 are going to Burwell in 10 days so I’m going to tell you about Burwell. Burwell is a big house where people can sleep. Year 4 and me are going there for 3 days. We are… Read More

Our trip to Boss Baby ?

Last week me, year 4 and year 3 all went to watch Boss Baby! I sat with my best friend Jacob J (JJ) and really enjoyed it. The most funny part was when Tim put powder on the… Read More

A review of Boss Baby By Sarah

Last week we went to watch Boss Baby on the 21st November. My favourite parts were when the family puts talc powder on the baby’s bottom. I also liked the part when they reveal the cute puppy .I… Read More