Book review about “have you filled a bucket today ?”

Have you filled a bucket today? is a book about not bullying.  It basically tells people to be kind to others so they made up invisible buckets which  everyone has .

You are sad and lonely when your bucket is empty and happy and excited  when it’s full ! A bucket is there to keep happy thoughts and feelings inside of it ! You can smile and say hi to someone and that even fills the other persons bucket ! Saying I love you to your family fills their bucket ( you can,even say why ) !

You can be a bucket filler if you be kind but if you’re a bully then you’re a bucket dipper ! Bucket dipping is being rude , most people think that bucket dipping will give you the other persons thoughts and feelings but that never works so don’t try it !

If you apologised to someone that only fills a little bit of their bucket because they still remember what you did to them ! Being a bucket filler also fills your bucket because you feel happy that you filled their buckets so that’s a happy thought and a happy feeling , it’s a happy feeling because you’re  proud of what you did!

I think you should buy this book to find out more !

Sarah . Z

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