What I am doing today : 2nd February 2018

Today after school I am going to Klaudia’s . Klaudia is my best friend since Year 2 . I am going to stay at Klaudia’s till 8pm because my mum has to go to work . After that my mum will pick us up so Klaudia can come to my house for a sleepover , I put a padlet on Edmodo about what to do with your friends . Me and Klaudia are  going to paint our nails at mine . What do you do at your friend’s house ? Me and Klaudia are going to have fun with slime . Me and Klaudia are also going to watch “I Am Frankie” . Frankie is the newest TV show on Nickelodeon , today is the last episode . Me and Klaudia are probably  going to make slime ! We might even FaceTime one of  our other best friends , “Szymon” . We might make Musical.ly’s , YouTube videos and even some LIKE videos , if you don’t know what the app LIKE is , it is something like Musical.ly , you can post videos , add special effects and do much more . When did you last go to a sleepover? What is your favourite sleepover ever?


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