Me and some other people in year 4 go to interventions . Every Monday while everyone is doing assembly we come as a group and solve hard math riddles .We have assemblys right before break time . The… Read More

What I am doing today : 2nd February 2018

Today after school I am going to Klaudia’s . Klaudia is my best friend since Year 2 . I am going to stay at Klaudia’s till 8pm because my mum has to go to work . After that… Read More

My football tournament

Today, on Friday 8th of December 2017, I go with Stasiu to play a football game with three different teams for three hours.I think that I will score many goals.  

The amazing film of the Boss Baby

The film was fantastic and funny too.Me and Stasiu were laughing a little bit. We were laughing when the Boss Baby was with no clothes and when Tim was shooting himself  with his plastic gun. Tim was really… Read More

How Year 4 works by Sarah

In Year 4 we have groups named after famous inventors and scientists . They are Louis Paster , Benjamin Franklin , Tim Berners Lee , Leonardo De Vinci , Nikola Tesla and Stephanie Kwolek . The teachers put two… Read More

My school Year so far!

I have had a great start to the year! I have loved going outside making irrigation systems or cooking inside! I have won a star of the week already. I am really proud of this as I don’t… Read More