Boss Be Film

The Boss Baby film was so funny when we went to watch it! Boss Baby was always serious  to people but talked to the other babies!Boss Baby does not like to play games with friends or anyone! You… Read More

The amazing film of the Boss Baby

The film was fantastic and funny too.Me and Stasiu were laughing a little bit. We were laughing when the Boss Baby was with no clothes and when Tim was shooting himself  with his plastic gun. Tim was really… Read More


Last week we went to see Boss Baby. Year 4 and year3 went together. When we got there we got to sit on shiny, red chairs and then the movie started. Tim and his family lived very happily… Read More

Our trip to Boss Baby ?

Last week me, year 4 and year 3 all went to watch Boss Baby! I sat with my best friend Jacob J (JJ) and really enjoyed it. The most funny part was when Tim put powder on the… Read More

A review of Boss Baby By Sarah

Last week we went to watch Boss Baby on the 21st November. My favourite parts were when the family puts talc powder on the baby’s bottom. I also liked the part when they reveal the cute puppy .I… Read More