How to use maths in real life at the shop

It was half term last week and even though I wasn’t at school, I still used my Maths skills! I went to the shop to get my dad and me some drinks because we were tidying at the weekend with my dad. It cost 75p each and I got crisps and they cost £1.00 each so it cost me a total of £2.50. I had £3.50 on me so I knew I had enough money.

After more tidying my dad wanted more drinks so we went back to the shops. My dad got a 65p drink and £1.00 crisps and I got a £1.00 drink and a £1.00 crisps then went back home and had a sit down. In total for the whole day I spent 75p+75p+£1.00+65p+£1.00+£1.00+£1.00=£6.15

Maths in real life

During the May holiday ,I went on holiday 3 hours from here but  we had a caravan on the back of our car so it took longer .I had to use my maths skills to see how much longer it would take.  An extra 30minutes so we left at 3:30pm-6:30pm we arrived.

Another time I had to use my maths skills ,was when I had £10 . I bought a figet cube for £3 and a charm for £5 so that left me with £2 . That I spent it on 2 bows that were £1 each and that was all of my money GONE!

By using my Maths skills I could wrk out how much money I had left.

How I Used Maths In Real Life to enjoy a pizza!

Last week, it was half term and I Used my maths skills at home To Make A Pizza.

1. I had to use measuring skills to measure my ingredients.

2.I had to read a scale to check the oven was on at the correct temperature.

3.I had use my time skills to check on the microwave clock how long the pizza was in the oven for.

4.I put the pizza in at 3:30pm, it was in the oven for 20 minutes which meant I took the pizza out at 3:50pm.

5.I Used my fractions knowledge and cut it in to quarters

6.Mission complete!

How I used maths in real life for cooking

Last week was half term and I made Oreo cakes .

The maths skills I used were my measuring skills to help me make the cake properly. I had to read the scale and measure out the butter, sugar and flour.

I cooked the cupcakes in the oven for 15 minutes and left them in for an extra 5 minutes to cook more better.  The cupcakes were so much tastier after the extra 5 minutes. I worked out if I put them in the oven at 3:00pm. I needed to take them out at 3:20pm, yum.

How to use maths in real life

I had a pizza and I put it in the oven at 6:00 clock.I took it out at 7:00 clock. I waited for an hour for my pizza to cook.

The maths skills I used were telling the time.


Yesterday me and my mates went to the park for a while and we had to get back in time for dinner.  We got to the park at 4 o’clock and dinner started at 5:30pm.  We went home from the park at 4:59pm so we had 31 minutes to get home and we got there in time because we live near to the park. When we got home we had our dinner and I had to wait 5 minutes so I can go out. If I didn’t use my maths skills fir telling the time, I would have been late!

My maths in the holidays

In the holidays I wanted to play out with my friends. I had to come back home for my lunch at 12:30pm. I started playing out a 12:05pm so I had 25 minutes to play with my friends.     

The next day I went to the shops.  Me and my friends all spent 2pound  and I got 50p change back. So I started of with £2.50p.

I like using Maths in real life.

How I used maths in the holidays

In the holidays me and my mum were working out the costs for my sister’s surprise birthday party on her birthday. We had to work  out the times and how much the hall will cost and the  Entertainment. Then we had to work out  how much the invitations will cost. I hope we can buy everything we need and stay within our budget!

Maths in real life

One way of using maths in real life could be shopping by counting your money to give to the shopkeeper.£1…£2…£3…

Or if you going on a trip but you need to know how far your end location is so you have to count all of those kilometres or miles.

Another way could be if you’re a strongman (or woman) you’d want to know how heavy your weight that you’re lifting is so you don’t end up lifting 2000000000000kg!

If you’re going to work or school you have to know what time you need to get there but if you are late your boss or teacher will be very angry.

You also use Maths in real life when you are at a garage you need to get the right amount of fuel,diesel or gas to get your car moving or if you’re brushing your teeth you need to have a timer for three minutes.

If you’re a magician you need to time your magic on stage for the show.

By Ellie and Igor.




How to use maths in real life!

At home in the holidays or weekend/after school we’ve got things called homework books and sometimes me and Lilly do maths in our homework books and sometimes we practice on Mathletics/ watch/big brains maths.

This week we have been learning about measuring and there’s a thing called Edmodo and there is always questions to be answered by teachers and peers! All these things help me learn Maths I can use for real life.

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