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How to do amazing in maths competition!!!

How to do amazing in maths competition!!!
One .You need to be able to be a team player.
Two .Practices help you a lot but don’t make you perfect no one is perfect.
Three .Should be good in maths.
Four .Try really hard to come first.

Hope this quick post help.

by Krishna S

Mrs Rigby’s Epic Fail

In  maths➕➖✖️➗ in year 6,we have had a paper🗒 to mark that has been done wrong by Mrs Rigby(who is our teacher👩‍🏫).We have had a chance to mark her work and this is one of the questions that she has done extremely incorrect❌.

In this question❓She has done the correct workings out yet wrote the wrong answer in the answer box 📦. We have worked out that next time our (amazing and beautiful) teacher 👩‍🏫 does the test📈She will have to watch out what she writes and check ☑️ her work before she hands it in to the ‘teacher’.👩🏿‍🎤

Mrs Rigby’s Reasoning Question mistakes

On question 2 it says:”Circle the number closest to 500″

The numbers are 525 491 511 408 550. Miss Rigby wrote 511 but the closest one is 491, 511 is 11 off but 491 is only 9 off so 491 is the least away from 500.

On question 3 the question says “Calculate 735 + 2,669

Miss Rigby says it equals 10,019 but she put them in the wrong colunm  so it actually equals 3,444.

how to work a sats question

Say  your question was: Liam hires a bike. He has to return it by 3 pm. The time is 2:25 pm  How many minutes has he got left?   Explanation on how to do it See how many minutes to the nearest 10. Then see how long it is till 3. Next add them up. The reason I have […]

Epic Hard Question Explained

Here is a super hard question answered!


Can you find a 6-digit number that is the same number rounded to the nearest 100,000 and 10,000?


This answer is so annoying 🙁 !

It is obvious!

Are you ready?

It is………………………………………………………………


This is because rounded to the nearest 100,000 is 100,000 and to the nearest 10,000 is also 100,000!

Annoying, right?



Maths trick question!


How to do SATs questions

This is a guide on how to do a multiple step question from the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests.)

Question 1

Plain Candles 35p each

Star Candles 60p each

Stripe Candles 85p each

Sapna buys 4 Star Candles and 2 Stripe Candles.

How many does she buy altogether?


Multiply 60p 4 times = £2.40p

Multiply 85p 2 times = £1.70p

Add them together = £4.10p

Question 2

Special Offer!

Buy 10 candles and get 50p off!

Josh buys 10 Plain Candles in the special offer.

How much does he pay for the 10 candles?


Multiply 35p 10 times = £3.50p

Subtract 50p = £3.00p

Thank You for reading!

Working out a maths question

If you struggle with maths , place value, then I am here to help you and explain a certain SATS style question. Sometimes teachers can help but most of the time ,what they say goes in one ear and straight out of the other. So if you are reading this post, then you are in luck because I am going to do a step by step guide on how to solve the question below:

  A shop sells candles.      A plain candle which costs 35p each.     A star candle which costs 60p each.   And a stripe candle which costs 85p each.

Sapna buys 4 star candles and 2 stripe candles, how much does she pay altogether?                            So, first you read the question carefully. Then look at the writing that is in bold, which is altogether, and see what that word means. So the word altogether means you have to add in this certain problem.

Now you look at the question again and it says, ‘ Sapna buys 4 star candles.‘  So now you look at the star candles, and it says a star candle costs 60p each. Next you look at the 4 , because it says she buys 4 candles, and 60p , because that is how much one star candle costs, so now you times them together, which = 240p/ £2.40p.

So now you do the next step to the question, which is about the 2 stripe candles. Then you look at how much 1 stripe candle costs, which is 85p. Next you times 85p by 2 because Sapna bought 2 stripe candles. This = 170p/ £1.70p.

After that you add the costs of all the candles that Sapna bought, which was the 4 star candles which= £2.40p, and the 2 stripe candles which = £1.70. Afterwards you add them together which = £4.10p

Please comment if this helped you out. By KG

how to round to the nearst 10

what you will need 

 paper, pencil 




1. Look at your units.

2. If it is 5 or above it will go to the nearest number.

3. But if it is 4 or below it stays the same.

5. And you have your number.