If you want to hear maths listen to this … 

I am a guard of a plane and there are 150 seats to go to New York and 256 people get on .

How many people need to get off and wait for the next plane ?

 =106 people need to get off.

Did you work it out? Tell me how you did it?


My maths

  • I went in to school one day and there was no pencils so I bought my own for the whole school.
  • First of all there were 100 pencils then 21 went missing in the maths lesson then the next day 12 more went missing the next day.
  • How many pencils are left now?


Yesterday I was rounding to the nearest 1000 it was really fun. I had to think about what my answer would be. Here’s an example, if I round to the nearest 1000 and my number is 3431 the answer would be 3000. That was how I done rounding.

rounding to the nearest 1000, 9728 the answer is 10,000

rounding to the nearest 1000, 6790 the answer is 7000

Rounding by a hundred

In maths we did rounding numbers, I did rounding to a hundred (it was challenge 2).

Example .234 to the nearest 100=200

We used different methods to help us like rounding mountain or number line.

About rounding

When you are doing rounding you look at the number you are rounding. It is very important that you know  your place value. If the number one place value behind bigger than five round it up. For example 79 is rounded to 80 .  Rounding is a life skill we need to know how to do for a few jobs. Like in a school you are buying pencils you will round the children to the nearest hundred so you can estemate how many. And for work when you need to copy some sheets you round to see how many you need approximately. Rounding and estimating sometimes go togeth like in the examples I gave you.


How I round

I like to round by using my resources like a number line.I also like to round with a hill,what do is I put the two numbers at the top then I see wich one rolls down and one rolls up

Maths rounding

we have been rounding on monday ,tuesday and wednesday and this is an example

317 to the nearsest 10 = 320  

this is rounding to the nearest 100 6946 =6900  

to the nearest 1000 1830 =2000

Maths rounding

Yesterday in maths we were rounding to the nearest 100. For example the number 562 and it rounds up because the tens number is greater then five so you round to 600. Examples of my work 2345 to the nearest 1000=2000.



rounding numbers

I used the rounding mounting to help me get the anwsers correct and the number line. And I rouded hundreds like this 350 rounded by a 100=400 and Iused a number line and 460roudid by 100=500. It was quite easy .


On Monday the 2nd of October, we were learning in maths, rounding. 
If your number is 15 and you rounding to the nearest 10, it would be 20 
because if it was 14 and you were rounding to the nearest ten it would be 10. 

15,243 rounded to the nearest 1,000 is 15,000. 
693 rouded to the nearest 10 is 700. 
3,823 roundeed by the neares-t 1,000 is 4,000
1 2 3 10