Rounding numbers

In maths we did rounding numbers by using a number line or the mountain to help us . We had lots of challenges to do. Some of the challenges were easy ,hard ,or normal. This is question – 234 rounded to the nearest 10 is 230. Challenge number 1 was quite easy but challenge number 2 and 3 was quite tricky. Rounding was fun!

This is how I used maths in the holiday.

I Used maths when I had to go to my friends house and I had to come back in an hour and a half ,so I counted on what time I had to come back.

When I had to go to the shops I had thirteen pounds and I had to pay three pounds so I took away the three from thirteen pounds.

Once I had to use maths when I was baking a cake I had to measure the exact measurement for the ingredients and check the temperature on the oven.

How I used maths in the holiday!

Maths in real life

I woke up at 1:30am, I left my house at 2:00am to get to the long stay car park near the airport.It took 10 minutes to get to the airport.The security took half an hour and grabbing something to eat took 30 minutes.The plane ride took 4 hours.

How long was the whole adventure today?

1:30 until 2:00 = 30 minutes + 10 minutes to the airport = 40 minutes, add on 1hour for security and food = one hour and forty minutes then four hours in the plane means 5 hours forty minutes do it would be 7:10 am!

Math in real life

In the Holidays I went to the shops for my mum.

My mum told me that she wanted a fizzy drink and for me to get a drink and some sweets.

My mum’s drink cost £1 and my drink cost 60p so I had to work out how much I could spend. I had a ten pound note so I needed to check I would get the right change.

The shopping cost £1.60 so I worked out I would need £8.40 change.

That’s maths in real life!

How we used maths in the holiday!

Mary’s shopping 

I went shopping at Tesco with my dad, I had to use my money knowledge because every time my dad put something in the trolley, I looked at the price and added it all up. When we got to the till I was a few pounds off, but I still did very well to do all that adding as we bought a lot if things!


Who built the Great Wall of China: Numbers

The Great Wall of China was built over 2000 years ago,and it was built by Qin Shi Huangdi,the first emperor of China during the Qin Dynasty.

Alsothe Great Wall of China is 8 metres high on the highest point of the Wall.

It is the longest building in the world and it is a really famous building.

Also it is a historical place in Beijing.

It takes around 18 months to walk the Great Wall of China because of its length.

How to use maths in real life

I use maths in real life when my mum makes me and my two brothers pizza, so I say to my mum yo have to cut it into thirds.

Another time when I use maths in real life is when I am in the shop and I have to subtract the amount I am spending so I can work out how much change I have.

Finally I use maths in real life when I am in the house and I have to use my knowledge to work out maths problems my mum give me to get better at math than I already was.

How to use maths in real life

You can use maths in real life when baking.
You can use maths when you need to know the 
You can use maths in real life when need to 
know the time for transportation.
You can use maths when you need to pay in a 
you can use maths in real life when you are at work depending on what job you do.
you can use maths when you are going to a 
football game.

frome elliemai and Sophiemae

How I use Maths in Real life

Every day after school I cook my own dinner. I used maths in real life like when I cooked a banana cake I Used kilograms and millilitres. At the holiday I needed to measure my window because I needed to put in new ones also I needed measure my new windows so the window measure the same length.

When I played a football tournament we had to count up the scores we got to semi finals we got beaten to nill.

How to use maths in real life.

I used maths in real life when I went on holiday and bought a can of custard and a can of Diet Coke .

I used Maths in real life when I went to Great Yarmouth and bought a bracelet out of a sea side gift shop.

I used Maths in real life when I went to the shop to buy a Harry Potter figure and it cost five pounds.

I used Maths in real life when I got my mum to go to new look why I was at my friends house I had to pay her back.





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