It was half term last week and even though I wasn’t at school, I still used my Maths skills! I went to the shop to get my dad and me some drinks because we were tidying at the weekend with my dad. It cost 75p each and I got crisps and they cost £1.00 each so it cost me a total of £2.50. I had £3.50 on me so I knew I had enough money.

After more tidying my dad wanted more drinks so we went back to the shops. My dad got a 65p drink and £1.00 crisps and I got a £1.00 drink and a £1.00 crisps then went back home and had a sit down. In total for the whole day I spent 75p+75p+£1.00+65p+£1.00+£1.00+£1.00=£6.15