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17layla mays wrote: Diary of a fifth grader
Tuesday 7:30 am [caption id="attachment_64" align="alignnone" width="177"] School Photo[/caption] Back to school. Much rather be at home playing video games. Tuesday 8:00 am Just entered school. I forgot how horrible this place is. The bullies (More)
17isaacroe-z wrote: Fury Football
Today we are talking about a new amazing story. Are you ready for this masterpiece. To start off with let’s get the main characters out of the way.Tyson Fury a professional boxer who has been involved in 33 fights and has won 32 and draw 0 and lost (More)
17reggief wrote: Tyson Fury Camps Out
In the morning, Tyson and his family get ready to go camping. With their huge family, they pack up their camper van that is full of kids, dogs and tents. After an hour of driving, the arrive at the camp site called Sunnybright.  Tyson began his c (More)