Minecraft was released in 2011 and made by Markus who worked in mojang studios

Minecraft is a world where you can mine build create and explore into the nether and the end and the over world














Ronaldo has 35 trophies and Messi has 44. That means Messi has more trophies than Ronaldo.age 38.has around 20 cars. first, ever billionaire on earth. Ronaldo has 0  won World Cups. Ronaldo has 602 million followers on Instagram.


Minecraft was released in 2011 by Markus in mojang studios

Minecraft is a fun game you can build mine explore adventure into 2 different worlds the nether and the end

you can choose different modes peaceful,easy,normal and hard different modes also means harder mobs and challenges and mobs throw out the game you can play with friends and do lots of stuff in minecraft but you can make your own games is well.

post malone


He made his first audacity at 16.

He doesn’t like his first album because he thought its bad.


His first song is called white Iverson.


Post Malone is 28 years old he was born in 4 July 1995.

His  dogs nam is Bo and his dog is 2 years old.

He is an American singer and rapper


All about Spain

  • 45% of entrepreneurial population is female
  • Spanish people do not consider paella as Spain’s national food
  • Spanish people have two surnames
  • Spain hosts the biggest tomato fight every year
  • largest fresh produce market in Europe
  • Spain is moving towards renewable energy
  • Spain has some beautiful beach
  • Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world
  •  Spain is a bucket-list for most people



The game was created by Markus notochord persson. Minecraft was relieased 10 years ago. Minecraft is the biggest selling video game of all. The rarest item in Minecraft is the dragon egg. Minecraft was almost called something else. Each block is consider 1 cublic meter. There are 5 different modes in Minecraft.
Minecraft has been taught at schools. One day in Minecraft is 20 minutes in real time. Minecraft is also a game that has helped many people earn a secondary in come. This video game is successful and popular.Minecraft was first published over 13 years ago in 2009and was officially launched notch persson developed the game launched.

Minecraft Theodore and Elijah

Minecraft is a 7+ game where you mine valuables and demolish monsters. Minecraft was realised 10 years ago. Did you know one day in Minecraft is 20 days in real life. The first version of Minecraft was made in 6 days. Minecraft has been taught at school. Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time. Greenfield Minecraft took 11 days to  make. Minecraft was made in November 2011. In Minecraft IRL 100 days is 33 hours in real life. Minecraft’s original name is the cave game. The rarest item in Minecraft is the dragon egg.

Taylor Swift Facts

Seven facts about Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift was estimated to be worth about 1.1 billon dollars.
    • Taylor Swift  is besties  with  ED Sheeran.
  • Taylor swift’s full name is Taylor Alison Swift.
  • Taylor Swift has released nine album.
  • The first number #1 song  is  “We are never ever getting back together.
  • Taylor Swift fans call them selves swifties.
  • Did you know Taylor  Swift has won 11Grammys.

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