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 September 1st 3090, they lived an ostrich called Bobby. He wanted to be a fantastic legendary comedian when he was older as he was still a little chick. Bobby lived in a field with his family every single day. He was quite friendly but could peck (More)
17davidp wrote: Owen the Ostrich
There was an Ostrich named Owen.He loved the comedians on the television because he loved jokes.He was born in 2000 March 2 in Ostrich town. One day in 2009 he watched his favourite comedians called Jack and Oliver, they were the best at the time (More)
17reggief wrote: Tyson Fury Camps Out
In the morning, Tyson and his family get ready to go camping. With their huge family, they pack up their camper van that is full of kids, dogs and tents. After an hour of driving, the arrive at the camp site called Sunnybright.  Tyson began his c (More)