Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul.

On Thursday we went to the cinema to see diary of a wimpy kid the long haul, which was fun, there are 5 main characters. Greg , Rodrick ,Susan, Frank and Manny. I recommend this movie to families all ages but some humor not many 5 and unders will not understand like the part where Rodrick finds out what cosplay is. There are some parts which are discusting but over all it’s funny. My favourite part is when Rodrick and Greg make a sign in the car to say “These people are kidnapping us” and then they get in trouble by the sheriff. Many mothers can relate to how Susan was feeling in the movie. You may not want your small children to see this because they might sneak off to see famous people.   I recommend this movie everyone because it’s really funny.  Old people might think it’s silly and weird. I feel like the book was better than the movie was a waterpark but it was a yotuber in the movie.

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