Despicable me 3

The film was about Gru finding out that he has a twin brother called  Dru and he finds loads of different facts about his ancestors . Then once he tells Gru all about the past they both go and get up to mischief together and commit crimes . They go and steal the big crystal and the minions go to prison. The characters from the movie are Dru , Gru ,  Agnes , Lucy , margeth , Edith and the minions .

My favourite part was when Gru and Dru went on a mission to steal the crystal from the villain  called Bratt and he was the bubblegum villain this was my favourite part because it was very  funny and entertaining.

I would recommend this film to my family and friends because  it is very funny and kid friendly ; I really enjoyed it .

I would rate this  4/5 because I don’t think it was as funny as the first one but it was still really good and entertaining.


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