Gen R8 came into our school for the year 6s and we had a fun lesson about choices , we learnt lots of different things such as making the right decisions and learning to do the right thing . They talked to us that you don’t need to change just because someone said you have to when your own personality is unique and everyone is different . We are  not all [...]

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I learnt that if you make bad choices means that you get bad couqunse , if you do a good choices you get good couqunse. we also need to watch us using peer pruser (making [...]

Don’t give up!!!

If you give up you don’t succeed ,there is a man witch had no arms or legs since he was born and he was about to give up his life but when he got older he kept going ;he is [...]

Peer Pressure

Have you ever been peer pressured in the past? As  you may know peeer pressure is where one of your peers convinces you to do something that you don’t feel comfortable [...]

Making Cool Choices

In school today we had special visitors coming to school in the morning. The visitors were from 'GEN R8' and they were teaching us about making cool choices. And we were [...]


Today , we had an amazing visit GenR8 . Me and Niamh thought that the video we watched about a man called Nick  with no arms or legs was really inspiring. We thought that we [...]

Harry Potter house research

Gryffindor Gryffindors traits represent courage, chivalry and determination ; Gryffindor is known for being brave and a  resilient house .  The founder of the  house team [...]

How to save the planet.

What is climate change? Climate change is when the air is polluted and it make every thing gets warmer. Why is this important? Climate change is negative to the world [...]

Earth hour.

Their is a problem affecting our world, that problem is pollution. This is affecting our earth heavily, examples are climate change, plastic pollution and burning fossil [...]

Moz the monster narrative

One dark night a boy called Joe was sent to bed, he anxiously lay in his bed ( he was scared of the dark ). He had always believed that there was something lurking under his [...]


Once upon a time,4 nights before Christmas a friendly scruffy monster hid under a boys bed wanting to be friends. At 1am  the boy heard a strange noise coming from under his [...]