A review of diary of the wimpy kid the long haul

The film was the diary of the wimpy kid and it was very cringy. The characters were Greg Heffley,Rodrick Heffley, Manny Heffley (a toddler) but I forgot the [...]

Add a de;de sentence

Oliver had a jacket full of brown;which had cuts and stain dirt. Oliver had a slim body with a threadbare jacket;with a pair of tight,ragged shoes but it [...]

What we did in the morning!!!!!!!!!

This morning,we went through the hub and   did the register.After that ,all of us went to the pink hall and  did puzzles.First we did penguin game where you [...]

100 word challenge

One TERRIFYING day, two hunters came with a RV to a massive forest to find five missing people who were in the forest.They got out of their car to search for [...]