Owl big write


As fast as the terrifying wind, the confident bird was sprinting for its life. One single claw caused the ground to rumble. Also one single claw caused a single shining spark on the rocky ground. Its eyes were like a night sky with gold iris circling it. The sunlight made the owls outstanding yellow beak stand out from the rest.Hiding the whitest wings it’s beatufill speckl-ed feathers helped the bird to blend in to the home to many other owls.
 Cascading down the hill the owl opens up it’s snow white wings.Brown feathers fade one by one, little by little. Until you can only see his fragile wings. It’s needle like claws sank into the owls skin as it hopes to survive traveling to another destination. Looking for green gras-sy land the owl swoops over the crystal clear ocean.
”I can see fish, sharks and so much more!” He s-aid “i wonder what will come next!?”But he will NEVER know what will come next. The owl is ho-oting with joy but a squawk is near by.The eyes of this bird are red...FLAMING HOT red...
The owl flew down to land and hid in a tree.” H- ellow” To his family. The other bird slowly flew to land. Unnoticed...

hoped you enjoyed!!!

The owl

               THE OWL

Escaping as fast as he ever had in his life, feeling the breeze crash into his soft floppy feathers as he sprinted away from his malicious enemy. His sharp black claws scraping against the different sizes of rocks making an uncomfortable squeaking sound. Preparing his tiny wings to fly away into paradise. Before he reaches the edge of the mountain he squints his emerald eyes staring deeply into the pink and blue cloudless sky’s where he will finally escape from this disaster. He majestically spreads his wings and starts flying and in the blink of an eye he realises he is high up in the sky. Feeling extremely proud of himself and is covered with joy.

He was not concentrating on flying from the joy that overwhelmed him, and all of a sudden he starts decreasing down to the grass, exploding with horror he tries to stop himself from falling but fails.He blacks out for a couple of minutes before waking up. He felt unbearable pain in his wing and head. Turning his head to look at his bloody crooked wing. Unable to fly made his life collapse into pieces, horrified that the enemy would spot him.

He got up and started to look around before noticing a small red and fluffy squirrel eating nuts. He approached it trying not to scare it. He asked if it could help him with his wing, but the squirrel said “I’m sorry I can’t but will food do?” “Yes please that would be very helpful!” And then they spent their time together talking messing around.

But little did they know that two hazel eyes was watching them, moving unnoticed.


My big write

It was abashed, the spouting wind flew past his face ,his eyes as black as ashes from a  newly put out fire .The creature from  behind hid in the shadows.

The owl did not know what he saw but he knew the creature was ready  to ambush .He descended down the hill, before  he knew it, he was promptly  flying through the air,there was no way the creature could get him now.It knew but the owl didn’t ,but the creature knew.

Eyes locked onto his prey,the predator  jumped it had to do more than to earn his reliance.It was not going to give up just yet.

Terror -stricken,the owl fell to his feet and abscond,the predator did not realise that the  owl left but then, the predator fell weak 

Windrush Poem



Today is the day walking good waking good

Life is going to be great in this new country.

Goodbye mango mornings goodbye friends.



Trying best not to cry goodbye goodbye

Windrush child heading to the boat.

I was just squashed like a tin a beans

Smelling all the disgusting salt water.


And the sea cat came up to me and

Wanted me to pet it so I did but it ran

Away because there was a mouse.


Toughing all the soft coats people shouting

And people still missing each and other family

The bed  is like they just but a lot of rocks  in a bag

Crushing my bones up it will not get worse .


Morning breakfast was just a breakfast bar

Still trying to get over grandma her beautiful

Brown eyes glowed. up most sad thing my dog kept

Ponding of tears I will be back for you dogo.


The sweat honey in my dry moth one salty ter

Fell down from my moms face on to my head

Saying there there to my mom and dad .


I softly said in two my head no turning back now

The Ship

Awaking to a menacing miserable morning knowing it could get worse, as I remind myself of the fear filling my hurt heart knowing I’m leaving my family behind.

The memories I had went away as the ship came closer and closer the less time I have so enjoying myself in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean I have to say goodbye.

Walking good, walking good –words echoing in my mind like a ghost haunting me-but never fear. Water ringing the sounds of happiness is all ways there in your heart.

As voices rise and fall ,laughter fills the air as melodic songs echo through the soul of our loved ones, screeches of the seagulls constructed of laughter follows us.

Baby blue water dripping off the boat reminding me of my families tears whilst the palm trees wave goodbye to me.my eyes fill with salty tears as my dog tries to swim after my unreachable sadness of which he hears.

Squished,squashed ,huddled together, people all around, packed like sandwiches in a lunch box!

Journeys are all ways terrifying they say but especially when it’s for life-but never fear of the words of others.

Softly saying to myself there won’t be any consequences…

We started to go further and further away from my home land and moving to England was a struggle to understand as a child…there was no turning back from here.

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