My best friends birthday party 🥳

When I arrived at Ellie’s house with all of my other friends we played on our iPads until it was 6 so we could go roller skating and I had never done roller skating so I was a bit nervous 😬!I had a try and I got better! Then we went to Frankie and Bennies and had dinner! I ordered lemonade with pizza and chips with corn on the cob and we were sad because there were no free squashes on a Saturday! Then we started the sleep over and watched the Greatest Showman!It was very hard to sleep in Ellie’s bed but then got a good sleep. We woke up in the morning and took photos and had some cereal for our breakfast! Then we got changed and Ellie’s family came! Then we had lunch! We played more and more! And it was Ellie’s birthday cake which was awesome it had giant candles with dangers lights which were like sparklers 🧨!the greatest showman cake was in our party bag but then it was time to leave! 😭 but I enjoyed her cake and watched Netflix at home.

What a lovely time you all had.  I think from what you have written that you and Ellie had the best party!

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