🎉My best friends birthday party 🎉

My best friends birthday party is on this Saturday and Sunday because we are gonna have a sleep over!  But I have bought Ellie a unicorn  lamp which changes colours🦄🦄🦄🦄! I think she will like it because I know she is crazy about unicorns just like me. On her birthday letter, it said we are gonna go roller skating that I have never done so it would be something new for me. Also we are gonna go to a restaurant so we could get free squishies!then it will be the sleepover and we might stay up until 3am and play on our iPads. Then it will be Sunday and we will be doing more fun stuff that she has not wrote on the letter. I can’t wait for her party it will be so EPIC my head will probably blow off!In the morning we are going to eat snacks while watching movies and play games. We are gonna be soooooooooooooooooooo tired and we might play party games and then .After that we will get changed and go out and  do something fun I think it will be so fun my head will blow off!then we will eat cake and then we will go home with our party bags and get some sleep 😴.

A detailed blog but make sure you start each sentence with a capital letter.

My best friends birthday party 🥳

When I arrived at Ellie’s house with all of my other friends we played on our iPads until it was 6 so we could go roller skating and I had never done roller skating so I was a bit nervous 😬!I had a try and I got better! Then we went to Frankie and Bennies and had dinner! I ordered lemonade with pizza and chips with corn on the cob and we were sad because there were no free squashes on a Saturday! Then we started the sleep over and watched the Greatest Showman!It was very hard to sleep in Ellie’s bed but then got a good sleep. We woke up in the morning and took photos and had some cereal for our breakfast! Then we got changed and Ellie’s family came! Then we had lunch! We played more and more! And it was Ellie’s birthday cake which was awesome it had giant candles with dangers lights which were like sparklers 🧨!the greatest showman cake was in our party bag but then it was time to leave! 😭 but I enjoyed her cake and watched Netflix at home.

What a lovely time you all had.  I think from what you have written that you and Ellie had the best party!

My new chihuahua puppy 🐶

On Sunday my mum asked me if I wanted to come with her because her best friend from work was pregnant 🤰 so I agreed to come with her! I kept talking about having a pet chihuahua but she didn’t agree.It took one hour to get to the house 🏡. As my mum knocked on the door 🚪 the person opened the door and said are you ready to see the puppy and I was sooooooooooo shocked 😮. We went in and saw the most cutest ,the most smallest,the most happiest and the most prettiest chihuahua puppy 🐶! We saw the mum and dad of the chihuahua and was so cute I wish I could keep all of them but I couldn’t.We drove home and I put her in my pet bag and she climbed out the bag to sleep on my lap! We went to the town and tried to buy her some food but it was a Sunday so we had to go to another shop! We were looking at names for dogs and we came up with Marley . Now my other dog which is a beagle has a little sister and has to take care of Marley.


Awww, what a lovely and well written blog!!

👑School play👑

Our school play is about the three little pigs  and I already know my line!I am a city type 6 and my line is “wolf huffed and puffed and blew and blew the house stayed up as good as new” I am really excited but a bit nervous to perform in front of adults and kids!I am also really happy 😃 because I never knew my script off by heart ❣ ❣ and it took me a few minutes to learn it.On Wednesday before we went to P.E we listened to a few songs. They were good songs that were fun to listen to but I don’t like singing that much!We also have little red riding hood in our three little pigs story so that confused me a lot because I didn’t know if it was little red riding hood or three    little pigs 🐷!I love the animal pigs because they are cute.I hope we act professional and make the teacher proud!


I very detailed blog, Jasmine!

My weekend ❣️❣️❣️

On my weekend I went to have a sleepover with my cousin and had McDonald’s then we played upstairs and played fun games!We went to bed and watched the greatest showman and fell asleep 💤.The next day I went home and I watched more movies with my mum for a long time in her bed 🛌!Then my sister came and met Mali since she was the new puppy !Then she gave me a cookies and cream lip balm because she had a collection of lip balms. The next day I went to one leisure with my sister and dad! I had to go in the small bit and I was furious!And then on a summer day we went to watch a movie called the kid who would be king and it was all about King Arthur!I loved the movie so much 🍿 🎥!The next day I went shopping with my mum and played with my sister but she had to go back home in London and I was really sad ☹️ and then it was school 🏫 and I made my mum coffee ☕️! And it was the end of my week end.


Wow, what an exciting half term you had. I’m sorry you felt furious when you went swimming- was this because you had a younger person with you? Tell me more.

🌸my weekend🌸


On my weekend I walked my dog to riverside and back to my house 🏠 I also got a subway sandwich for lunch 🥪 and then watched YouTube for a while.in 3 hours later my mum came back work and then we ordered pizza 🍕! Then we all watched a movie 🎥 quietly!Then we went bed.The next day my sister woke me up and said why don’t we do our Christmas list 🎄! I was so stuck on what I wanted! 🎁After my Christmas list my Nan brought in some Christmas cupcakes.at 9’o clock we went to bed for the next day for school. 🏫