👑School play👑

Our school play is about the three little pigs  and I already know my line!I am a city type 6 and my line is “wolf huffed and puffed and blew and blew the house stayed up as good as new” I am really excited but a bit nervous to perform in front of adults and kids!I am also really happy 😃 because I never knew my script off by heart ❣ ❣ and it took me a few minutes to learn it.On Wednesday before we went to P.E we listened to a few songs. They were good songs that were fun to listen to but I don’t like singing that much!We also have little red riding hood in our three little pigs story so that confused me a lot because I didn’t know if it was little red riding hood or three    little pigs 🐷!I love the animal pigs because they are cute.I hope we act professional and make the teacher proud!


I very detailed blog, Jasmine!

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