This is me

I love my family tremendously, because they always help me when I’m stuck and need help. When I’m feeling sad, my family comfort me and try to cheer me up. I rely on my family to survive, they provide me with food and care. In return, they expect me to behave and be kind, and I hope they enjoy my company too! If I had no family, I would starve and be lonely. No house, no food and no friends.

In my house there are six people, Sabrina my mum, Ian my dad, Betsy my sister, Harrison my brother, myself and Vegas, my black and white three legged cat.
No one knows for sure how little Vegas lost his leg, although legend has it, one dark stormy night mum let old Vegas out and three days later he limped home with a leg hanging off! After seeing poor old Vegas like this, mum and dad took him straight to the vet, although sadly they couldn’t stitch it back up and had to remove it immediately.

My family love playing games, and who knew Betsy’s favourite would be scrabble! We all sit around the table and play a game. The all time favourite is bugs in the kitchen. My own favourite game is shopping trolley, a game where you have to pick a card blindly and if it is on your shopping list, you keep it. The aim of the game is to be the first person to collect all your shopping items. It is a memory game, because if you get a card that someone is looking for they have to remember where you put it. I am very privileged to live in such a loving family and I am truly grateful.

Some of my talents are that I like to keep to myself, although I enjoy showing people my football skills. It doesn’t matter what people say about it, I like football, and when I am older I would love to be a goal keeper.
People say I am a quick learner, especially when learning the saxophone. My dad has set me a challenge to be grade 8 by the time I am 16, like he was, and it is fair because dad started at 8 like me.
The best thing about playing my saxophone is jamming with dad. This is good because it makes me calm and happy. It is amazing when I jam nothing can go wrong because there is no wrong notes. We both get out our instruments and Alexa plays some drums. I am also very talented at reading. I have always loved reading books by David Walliams because his books are really fun and sometimes silly! Since I have just finished The midnight gang, I have started Bad Dad two days ago and I am already on chapter 10. I think my talents are very interesting.

As I progress through primary school I would like to learn more about science and the questions it comes with, such as how was the first animal born and what comes first the chicken or the egg.

Around when I’m 16 i’d like to be grade 8 at the saxophone like my dad achieved on the trombone. Since quarantine I have wanted to do trampoline gymnastics as I’ve been practising on the trampoline regularly

When I’m an adult I would  love to live in Italy because I like pizza and I think Venice is a lovely place. In Italy I would have a boat to sail on canals and have parties with friends at night. When I’m twenty two I would like to get married to prettiest girl ever and have kids six years later. For my job I will be a Geologist or an Archaeologist since I like collecting gems and fossils. I get my rocks from sets and they are the reason I want to be either a geologist or an Archaeologist. Some of my rocks i have in my collection, I get as gifts and some I get in the national geographic magazines although some rocks are in a set you dig out.




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