This is me

My Talents

My talents are having great flexibility and I practise it every day. I had to learn so I could develop even more. I enjoy using my talents because when i am older, I want to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. When I was 6, I didn’t know I could do it, so now i’m older I train. I show my talents in my garden on the green. I can improve by practising every day.

My Loves and Passions

I enjoy eating noodles because I like the spice. I also like seafood because one day I want to eat king crab. I also enjoy colouring when I don’t have anything to do or have my tablet. I love to cook with my mum so when i’m older I will know how to do it and no one has to do it. I also like to play with my baby brother sometimes… and sometimes not!

My Aspirations

When I move on to secondary school, I want it to be good with nice teachers. I also want to learn lots. When I am older, I want to learn how to drive so I can go to my friends and take my family and friends to different places. When i’m older, I also want to have a house to myself so I can get a dog and my friends can come over.





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