This is Me

My Talents

One of my talents is to draw but I am pretty good at drawing pictures i think. I think i am very good at sketching. I will have to practise sketching so i get really good. My other talent is that i like to bake. I only bake with my mom. Most of the time we bake cakes because my mom picks what we are go to bake each time.

My Loves and Passions

I love to ride my bike but when I go on a bike ride, I have to use my brothers bike but when my brother comes on a bike with us then I  have to go on my small bike. My passion is to visit a beach and it is my passion because I will get to swim and I love swimming. I like to go to the beach because i get to play with the sand.

My Aspirations

i would like to be a Teacher  or a shop keeper. I want to be a shop keeper because I am pretty good at Maths and to be a shop keeper you need to be good with numbers so you can count the money from the till. I want to be a Teacher because I enjoy teaching but you need to know a lot of things! As i enjoy art, I could be an art teacher.

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