This is Me

Loves and Passions

Three things I have interests in are my family friends and flamingos. I love my family because they are kind and care for me.I love my friends because if or when I am sad, they always try to cheer me up. I have interests in flamingos because it is my favorite animal and every time i think of it, I feel calm. If i didn’t have a family I would not have anyone to be kind to me look after me and care for for me. If i didn’t have my friends i wouldn’t have anyone to make me happy when I am sad. If flamingos didn’t exist it could not be my favourite animal and I wouldn’t be calm, I would always be angry sad and stressed.


When I grow up I want to learn how to drive. When i finish university I want to visit everyone in my family with my own family. When I get a job I want it to be a hairdresser or a bank person. During the next few years I want to start reading more books so I can get better at spelling because I am not good at it. When I have enough money, I want to use it to build a house and move into that house with my family.


Some of my talents are sewing, drawing and crafting. I learned how to do them at home. I improve them further in my free time, I enjoy it because it makes me unique. My mum teaches me how to do different stitches and also my sister helps me with sewing and art. I like crafting and using different types of materials.