This is Me

My Talents

One of my talents is to draw but I am pretty good at drawing pictures i think. I think i am very good at sketching. I will have to practise sketching so i get really good. My other talent is that i like to bake. I only bake with my mom. Most of the time we bake cakes because my mom picks what we are go to bake each time.

My Loves and Passions

I love to ride my bike but when I go on a bike ride, I have to use my brothers bike but when my brother comes on a bike with us then I  have to go on my small bike. My passion is to visit a beach and it is my passion because I will get to swim and I love swimming. I like to go to the beach because i get to play with the sand.

My Aspirations

i would like to be a Teacher  or a shop keeper. I want to be a shop keeper because I am pretty good at Maths and to be a shop keeper you need to be good with numbers so you can count the money from the till. I want to be a Teacher because I enjoy teaching but you need to know a lot of things! As i enjoy art, I could be an art teacher.

This is me

My Talents

My talents are having great flexibility and I practise it every day. I had to learn so I could develop even more. I enjoy using my talents because when i am older, I want to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. When I was 6, I didn’t know I could do it, so now i’m older I train. I show my talents in my garden on the green. I can improve by practising every day.

My Loves and Passions

I enjoy eating noodles because I like the spice. I also like seafood because one day I want to eat king crab. I also enjoy colouring when I don’t have anything to do or have my tablet. I love to cook with my mum so when i’m older I will know how to do it and no one has to do it. I also like to play with my baby brother sometimes… and sometimes not!

My Aspirations

When I move on to secondary school, I want it to be good with nice teachers. I also want to learn lots. When I am older, I want to learn how to drive so I can go to my friends and take my family and friends to different places. When i’m older, I also want to have a house to myself so I can get a dog and my friends can come over.





This is Me

Loves and Passions

Three things I have interests in are my family friends and flamingos. I love my family because they are kind and care for me.I love my friends because if or when I am sad, they always try to cheer me up. I have interests in flamingos because it is my favorite animal and every time i think of it, I feel calm. If i didn’t have a family I would not have anyone to be kind to me look after me and care for for me. If i didn’t have my friends i wouldn’t have anyone to make me happy when I am sad. If flamingos didn’t exist it could not be my favourite animal and I wouldn’t be calm, I would always be angry sad and stressed.


When I grow up I want to learn how to drive. When i finish university I want to visit everyone in my family with my own family. When I get a job I want it to be a hairdresser or a bank person. During the next few years I want to start reading more books so I can get better at spelling because I am not good at it. When I have enough money, I want to use it to build a house and move into that house with my family.


Some of my talents are sewing, drawing and crafting. I learned how to do them at home. I improve them further in my free time, I enjoy it because it makes me unique. My mum teaches me how to do different stitches and also my sister helps me with sewing and art. I like crafting and using different types of materials.

This is me

I love my family tremendously, because they always help me when I’m stuck and need help. When I’m feeling sad, my family comfort me and try to cheer me up. I rely on my family to survive, they provide me with food and care. In return, they expect me to behave and be kind, and I hope they enjoy my company too! If I had no family, I would starve and be lonely. No house, no food and no friends.

In my house there are six people, Sabrina my mum, Ian my dad, Betsy my sister, Harrison my brother, myself and Vegas, my black and white three legged cat.
No one knows for sure how little Vegas lost his leg, although legend has it, one dark stormy night mum let old Vegas out and three days later he limped home with a leg hanging off! After seeing poor old Vegas like this, mum and dad took him straight to the vet, although sadly they couldn’t stitch it back up and had to remove it immediately.

My family love playing games, and who knew Betsy’s favourite would be scrabble! We all sit around the table and play a game. The all time favourite is bugs in the kitchen. My own favourite game is shopping trolley, a game where you have to pick a card blindly and if it is on your shopping list, you keep it. The aim of the game is to be the first person to collect all your shopping items. It is a memory game, because if you get a card that someone is looking for they have to remember where you put it. I am very privileged to live in such a loving family and I am truly grateful.

Some of my talents are that I like to keep to myself, although I enjoy showing people my football skills. It doesn’t matter what people say about it, I like football, and when I am older I would love to be a goal keeper.
People say I am a quick learner, especially when learning the saxophone. My dad has set me a challenge to be grade 8 by the time I am 16, like he was, and it is fair because dad started at 8 like me.
The best thing about playing my saxophone is jamming with dad. This is good because it makes me calm and happy. It is amazing when I jam nothing can go wrong because there is no wrong notes. We both get out our instruments and Alexa plays some drums. I am also very talented at reading. I have always loved reading books by David Walliams because his books are really fun and sometimes silly! Since I have just finished The midnight gang, I have started Bad Dad two days ago and I am already on chapter 10. I think my talents are very interesting.

As I progress through primary school I would like to learn more about science and the questions it comes with, such as how was the first animal born and what comes first the chicken or the egg.

Around when I’m 16 i’d like to be grade 8 at the saxophone like my dad achieved on the trombone. Since quarantine I have wanted to do trampoline gymnastics as I’ve been practising on the trampoline regularly

When I’m an adult I would  love to live in Italy because I like pizza and I think Venice is a lovely place. In Italy I would have a boat to sail on canals and have parties with friends at night. When I’m twenty two I would like to get married to prettiest girl ever and have kids six years later. For my job I will be a Geologist or an Archaeologist since I like collecting gems and fossils. I get my rocks from sets and they are the reason I want to be either a geologist or an Archaeologist. Some of my rocks i have in my collection, I get as gifts and some I get in the national geographic magazines although some rocks are in a set you dig out.




This is Me



I really interested online game and twitch games. When I finished 4 I started playing in a Polish football club. I really like it. Also my talent is cooking and baking.

My Aspirations:

My aspirations are to finish Primary School then go to Secondary School, work hard and then go to University and study IT. I really want stay in UK, pass my driving test and buy my first car.

My Loves:

My little brother is very special to me.I love watching him when he is laughing and playing with me. He is growing up so fast. Also my mom is very important to me. Family is important for all of us. My mom always says when you hard work in the future, your dreams come true.

This is Me!!

My Loves

I love my family unconditionally  because they bring me happiness. I know if I had a problem I could rely on them. They know when I’m sad, happy and angry, I think I have the best family I could have. I love them all around the world 7000 times all back in our hearts. I love and respect my friends, they cheer me up when I’m sad. They stick up for me when people are mean to me. I also love my pets, my pets are the best pets I could have. My pets names are Blue, Benny, Bowser and Yoda. Blue loves to have cuddles with me and plays gently, he protects me. Benny is very funny and amazing. He is the best Beagle I could have and most of all loving. Bowser is a terrapin, he loves to swim and when we clean his tank  most of the time he goes in a tub of water but lately he has been going in the pool. Also I have to keep a close eye on him. Yoda now lives with my nanny and uncle Yoda is like a small horse. He is very big but loving. He likes to sing and dig big holes.

My Passions

I’m passionate about making sure I don’t litter because I want to be able to make a change in the world. I would like a cleaner world where there is no litter in the sea killing off lots of sea creatures. I would like cleaner streets as it has been nice when have gone for our daily exercise and the streets look cleaner and there is more wild life out. When we were on lockdown the sky pollution has gone. The rivers and seas were cleaner to the point where you could see the sea creatures swimming through.

My Talents

One of my talents are gymnastics because I like to do cartwheels and handstands with my brothers. It is very fun because I get to teach them and they have nearly got the hang of it. While I was in lockdown, I got better at my splits. My other one is Irish dancing because I got to do lessons but because of lockdown, I was practising more but I could not remember all of the moves. I am so happy I am back. I love to sing and my favourite music is hip -hop, R and b, dance music and pop. I love to dance with my mum, step-mum and brothers. I love to make up my own dance routines  also dancing and singing makes me happy and makes me feel like me. I also think I am good at being a good person. I like to make sure that everyone is happy. I like to help them too, being there for them when they are feeling down. I love to help my mummy and step-mum look after my brothers and I think that’s a talent because they can sometimes be a handful but I love them.


Talent – is a person with a unique ability to do something impressive. I’m only 9 years old today, but I think I’m different from others. Ever since I was 4 years old I was able to sing and dance. That’s why my parents sent me to “Stagecoach” school. The fact that I like good music. My favourite singers-rappers is Eminem, Will I Am. I like their songs and they are very famous and talented. I know that my first attempt to rap are similar to Eminem and Will I am. I am not listening to other singers, because I don’t like it. In our family, unfortunately, no one creates music. Only my dad sings nicely. Fortunately, nature has rewarded me with this talent. I’m tenacious, aiming for purpose. At the theatre school a year ago, the teacher noticed that I was able to rap and encouraged me to do this. Since then I have started to rap interested me even more. I want to live with the music and I would like that people appreciate it. I think my talent can be seen on a TV show, school or teacher. My next talent is dancing because I love music, and dancing is an integral part of music.
I don’t like to achieve my goals in a fast way, and I never give up if success is not on my side . Actually I don’t believe in success, I believe in hard work! In my class I saw this phrase: “If you reach for the moon and you miss, you will land among the stars”. This phrase inspires me to do hard work. So I think if you have a goal, you will reach it 100%, if you didn’t reach – that means that you gave up too early. Everything is possible!

My Loves and Passions
I am fascinated by many different things in life: family, school, friends, sports, travel, food, and more. But at the moment, I enjoy traveling the most.
I really like to travel around England, visit other countries of the world, get acquainted with the culture, people, architecture, religion. I think I like to travel as other people, because travel is getting a new acquaintance with the world. Travels and knowledge about other world famous places makes me feel very happy. I have been to Canary Islands, Spain, Greece, France, Lithuania and have travelled extensively around the United Kingdom. All the trips gave me a lot of interesting facts. Getting to know the world – very interesting and valuable.
My other passion is cooking. I think if I could never cook food, it would be very sad. Cooking is a real pleasure. You can experiment, discover, and then make friends. I like to cook food because I like delicious healthy food. On the go, I try to taste the dishes of another country, and when I get home I’m looking for recipes for those dishes online and trying to cook myself. My family is happy to taste the dishes I made.
The third thing I really like is scuba diving under water. While diving, I watch the bottom of the sea or lake, i choose pebbles, touch fish. It is very interesting, develops endurance, teaches to breathe underwater. Diving is my passion. Most people go on holiday by the sea, lake or river. Everyone loves swimming, jumping on the waves, swimming and diving. Diving makes me feel very happy. If I couldn’t dive on vacation, my vacation wouldn’t be interesting.
For all the pleasures what I can experience, I am most grateful to my family: mother and father. They’re my greatest love. They work hard, take care of me and my brother, buy trips, give delicious and healthy food, let me play sports, attend theatre school. I’m grateful to them for everything I have, and I’m very happy. And for my education and knowledge, I’m grateful to my teachers. They help me learn how to count, write, draw and everything else.

My Aspirations (Goals, Hopes and Dreams)
When I was still very small, I dreamed of having a lot of toys. I dreamed of a beautiful fairy house where my toy bears would live. Time is running out and my dreams are changing. Now I’m a fourth grade student. When I’m sad, I’m dreaming. On the paths of dreams I run somewhere far from home, into my future. I often think about what I want from life. First of all, I would like to successfully finish my studies, choose a specialty i like, and a little later to create a family, to live a happy life with a loved one.
Now I’m in primary school and I want to finish it successfully. This year I have to learn very well the multiplication tables, be good and learn more in mathematics. I have to read a lot of books at school, then I’ll find out everything and be smart. Still, of course, I have to play sports, because my dream of being an astronaut will only come true if I am healthy and strong.
Like every person I have many dreams. I think after 5 years of studying in high school, I want to get to know physics more. After 10 years, I would like to study at the military academy, I would like to become a war pilot, fly military planes. If I manage to finish the military academy, I dream of becoming an astronaut. I will try to take care of my health and get into the astronaut tests. If I fly warplanes, I’m going to take care of United Kingdom’s security. I don’t want wars. I want all people to be happy.
Of course, after 15 years or more I dream about my home, my family, such as ours, friendly and cheerful, where everyone helps each other. My parents would be grandparents and we would all travel around the world together, live an interesting life, and we would overcome all the difficulties together. I would like to learn how to drive a car, I would like to buy a good car. If I make a lot of money, maybe I’ll buy a small house in Spain or Greece. That’s where my family would go on vacation.
Most often, the future of each person depends on his own. As a child, we dream of growing up, what we will look like, how many children we have. We are creating other plans as we are a little more advanced: we want to know everything, we want to have a good education and get a good job. I also think very often about my future: I want to finish school well, then go to university, work my favorite job. But most of all, I want to go around the world. I would like my work to be about travel. In doing this kind of work, I could visit many countries around the world, get to know them more closely. I am very fascinated by the various corners of the earth, because they are all so different, distinctive, interesting. Each country is full of all kinds of beauty. While traveling the world, a person meets the culture, people, traditions of various countries. Each trip – these are new impressions, new acquaintances, memories. When you travel, you can explore way of life, nature and other things. I think in every trip people are improving, learning more and more new things. I would be very happy if I could go around the world. I’d like to experience new experiences. I can’t do that for now, because my main goal is my school education. I think a person would achieve nothing without education. But I often watch shows on TV about trips and travelers. I admire people who travel a lot. I think they’re brave, full of energy and persevering. Therefore, I will definitely try to make this dream a reality. My mother often says person who is dreaming is happy and I need to try this a little bit and I will be happy. I am trying to do my best, so I don’t stop dreaming.
I really want my dreams to come true.

Easy to do good jobs


Easy to do good jobs

“Kindness is what the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” The quote from the American writer Mark Twain proves that kindness is necessary for people. People in these days think that no one does good jobs, but that is not true. From personal experience, I can say that there are a lot of people around us and doing good jobs. There are also various offers of good deeds. After all, good actions exist in a lot of movies or book stories. So people are still doing good deeds, just need to recognise them. One is English Captain Tom Moore. Captain Tom Moore was born in Keighley town West Yorkshire. And he was a captain in the British Army during World War Two, serving in India and Burma. At the moment he lives in Bedfordshire. His challenge of walking 100 laps around his 25-metre garden ended on Thursday 16 April morning and he wished his supporters and everyone in the country feel healthy and well through the lockdown.
Captain Tom Moore had originally wanted to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities to say thank you for the staff who had helped his recovery from cancer and a broken hip. But hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have contributed to his fund so far and the total keeps on rising!
The war veteran was supposed to celebrate his 100th birthday with a party of 100 people, but this had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Instead, he’s spent his time slowly completing 100 laps around his 25-metre garden.
Captain Tom Moore’s extraordinary fundraising efforts have come to an end raising nearly £33m for the NHS. His donation page closed at midnight on Thursday at the end of his birthday, totalling £32,794,701 from more than 1.5m supporters.
A message on the page said he was now “putting his feet up”.
I just want to wish him lots of health and more happy birthday’s ❤️

What I can do at the moment to help others?
The most important thing for everyone is family. They develop our values. Helping and doing for others a good job without any reward is very important and honorable. Of course, not everyone understands this. Once Lithuanian Catholic Church Cardinal Audrys Juozas Backis has said, “If you think only of yourself, you’ll never be happy.”
So, what good job I can do for other people?
I want to post an add on my mom’s Facebook account, because I don’t already have my Facebook account yet, and ask every family in Huntingdon to donate an oak tree or another tree. Then we would make group of strong and helpful people and plant a beautiful oak grove. We would plant other trees in the parks, retirement houses, nurseries and schools. Green nature is our health and oxygen. Old people, children could enjoy new trees and in the new park families could have a great time. There would be another park in our city, and people I think would be very pleased. One tree for the family – it is quite inexpensive, and for the inhabitants of the city a new park is a great pleasure. Trees are the life of the world.
So, good works can be big and small, but this does not mean that the big works are more significant. So, that’s why it’s worth doing noble work. After all, “goodness costs nothing – buys everything.”
I just want to wish for everyone good health and happiness. And please don’t forget to be nice and do good jobs not just for yourself, but for others too.
Best of luck ❤️❤️❤️

Captain Tom Moore

Captain TOM Moore is a man who is popularly known as Captain Tom. He is a former British army officer. Captain tom is from Keighley, Yorkshire. He did 100 lap around his garden to raise money for the NHS. Captain Tom raised £2300 for the NHS. Captain tom is a 100 years old. He has a number 1 song. He liked to ride motorbikes when he was a teenager. He was on a tv show once called blankety-blank.

Captin Tom Moore

Ahead of his 100th birthday celebration war veteran captain Tom Moore set himself the challenge of walking 100 laps in his garden to help raise money for NHS. His challenge has raised awareness all over the world and has led to many others setting their own similar challenges. Captain Tom has also lifted the spirits of many during difficult circumstances. Captain Tom Moore originally aimed to raise £1000 but quickly passed his target to reach over £28 million for the NHS. Captain Tom Moore served in India and Myanmar during world war two. Captain Tom Moore completed his 100 lap challenge at his home in Bedfordshire. He was 100 years old and he helped the NHS and he was always helpful and kind to people. He had a spitfire fly over him on his birthday and the queen made him into a Colonel for his birthday too.