What I did on the weekend

So on Friday after school I went to McDonald’s because every Friday we get McDonald’s and when my dad  was driving my family to McDonald’s, I saw Isaac because every Friday he gets McDonald’s too. After McDonald’s we had to go to Tesco to do shopping. Then when we got home, I watched Paddington 2. It was so fun. We went to go and open the popcorn and it went all over the floor.

On Saturday I went to Ramsey to my aunt’s house.

Swimming in year 4

Swimming is my favourite because I love to go in the water even though I’m scared of going under water I still try because I feel like I am going to drown but I am not and the Floats really help me so I can swim better. I even swam 5 meters! Isn’t that incredible to swim for that long. Not even my siblings can swim for that long .


Sonia Gomes