Why Do Fencers Bend Their Swords? The History Behind the Olympic Sport

Fencing is a sport which involves  swords. You try to get somebody  on their chest. If you get them on the their chest, you would win and you will be awarded points.

In Fencing, I had to move back and forth. Unfortunately,  you can’t put your sword above your head. I hope in the future I can use a real sword. But real sword is danger because you can hurt someone. That’s way they wear special clothing. HEMA Fencing mask - 350N

The face mask looks so cool does it?

It protects your face from getting cut.

Plastic Sword Fencing - Plastic and Foam Swords and Masks

Fencing swords are flexible they can bend. They made it bending because they don’t want to hurt people to much.

Try to win the person with your fighting skill.